20150612 193212Raffaello Decor Stucco

Venetian Plaster. Natural Vapor-permeable Decorative Venetian "Stucco"

Raffaello - Mother of Pearl

Venetian Plaster. Natural Vapor-permeable Mother of Pearl effect Venetian "Stucco"


24K Gold Effect Venetian Plaster. Natural Vapor-permeable Decorative Venetian "Stucco"

2012 10 09 16.57.01Marmorino Naturale

Decorative, vapour permeable, coloured lime plaster coating for interior and exterior.

Shinning Marmorino Finish

Finishing product for interior and exterior to be applied on marmorino naturale.


Antique Velvet Plaster.


Metallic, decorative enamel for interiors with a low environmental impact.



Special water based Chromatic Decorative Paint


Decorative Multi-Effect Coating


Gold Effect Paint.


Antique Effect Paint.

Travertino Romano

Special decorative coating for interiors and exteriors. Stone Look Plaster


Travertino Romano Finitura

Semitransparent Sealer that has been created to protect the decoration of travertino romano

IMG 1217Toner Travertino Romano

Toner travertino romano finitura is a mix of pigments created for the coloration of travertino romano finitura


Decorative xilosanic paint wash finish.

IL Primer

Water Base Infilling Primer for interior applications

image 2Africa

Is decorative archetectural coating with stunning metalic patterns. It create silck like chromatic solutions and stunning tactile sensations.


Washable, sanitizing paint for interiors and exteriors.

image 3Wax - Cera Per Raffaello

Water Base Wax for Venetian Plaster

Protective Wax - Cera Protettiva

Protective wax is a special, transparent protective wax for interior and exterior